Persons nr 11-20

11. Louis Pasteur

12. Galileo Galilei

13. Aristotele

14. Euclid

15. Moses

16. Charles Darwin

17. Shih Huang Ti

18. Augustus Caeser

19. Nicolaus Copernicus

20. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier


Louis Pasteur, formally known as double 1 in his hood, met up at 12 o’clock with his G Galileo and the leader of the MS 13 Aristotele. As a bodyguard he took is bro Euclid, who carried a 14mm, and Fifteen Cents Moses along. Both muscle from the Pasteur Unit to make sure that the transaction of 16k Dollars to Darwin in exchange for 17kg of Shih Huang Ti’s famous Nasi Goreng went as planed. Little they knew that it was a set up by the Caeser, the King of Warung, who tried 18 years to copy the recipe but never succeeded. Copernicus was the snitch in this set up, a new member of the Pasteur Unit who was able to gain their trust at the subtle age of 19. But the naivety of the Nasis (name of the members of the King of Warung) towards Copernicus, didn’t make them realize that his thirst for money might actually also bring other players to the game. It was Andy L. Lavoisier, an American police officer who’s goal was it to stop the spread of Nasi Goreng towards the western world, who paid Copernicus twice the money that Caeser paid to get the information about the meeting. The Pasteur Unit, Darwin and the Nasis were all busted at once by 20 agents of the Burger Squad.


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