The most important innovation a certain part of my life

The question for this one is to tell something about an important innovation in a certain part of my life. Even though i currently do not play it anymore i would like highlight an important innovation of my life. It is part of a sport and more specifically Field Hockey which i used to play a lot when i was in High school.

First off I would like to introduce the technique “Drag Flick”. This technique was invented by the famous Dutch Field Hockey player “Taeke Taekema”. In Field Hockey when there is a dead moment in the game near the goal the ball has to pushed from the back line to 12 meters away and from there it can only be hit on goal till a height of 20 centimeters or “pushed” to where ever you want. Hitting a ball in Field Hockey is pretty self-explanatory but a push on the other hand requires a stick to be put against the ball and without losing ball contact it has to pushed somewhere. This, as one might think, didn’t allow the ball to reach high speeds but has more precision than when hitting it. However in dead-game moments the ball was always hit because of the speed and this allowed for 20% goal scoring which was a lot.

However, my personal hero, Taeke Taekema thought about the two techniques and said to himself that he wanted think outside of the box. After all, why would do something because it is the normal way to do it and has reasonable success? He, by himself, developed a new technique. What he did was thinking how you could combine the speed of a ball with the precision of a push. After looking at a dozen of other sports he came up with the brilliant new technique. What Taeke Taekema developed was the “Drag Flick”. He figured that when the ball was pushed from the back of the line the beginning of the area from where he should score he would take a walk use his body speed to let ball roll from his stick and push it with great speed and precision into the goal. And it worked, he heightened the success rate of scoring from one of those dead game moments from 20% to 80%. He even scored 16 times during the European Championships Field Hockey with this technique.

So from that moment on this was the new big thing in Field Hockey, all my friends and me started using it and trying to copy the great master “Taeke Taekema”. Unfortunately, although after a while we got some skill it, we were never able to be as good as him but it did raise our scoring rate from those  to 70%. Special Hockey sticks that looked like some kind of banana’s were even developed to gain more speed with this technique.

Please watch the youtube video about this amazing new technique.


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