What is the most creative company in the world and why?

In my opinion the dutch company Philips is the most creative company in the world. This might seem a bit strange to the public as most people immediately, although cliché, choose google, apple or samsung. However there is a whole another side to Philips that most people don’t know about.

For example it is the company Philips who brought the DVD on the market, an invention we still use a lot today. Furthermore, as soon as 1995 Philips in a partnership with Sony developed the blu-ray disc and only brought it to the market 10 years later. 

However what brought me to my choice of using Philips as the most creative company is about the life-saving work they are doing today. Their healthcare department is one of the leading but also one of the most innovative ones in the world. They develop machines to find solutions to deceases that until that time no one thought would be able to be cured. Aside from the fact that this is very creative and life-saving they also make a decent amount of money with it so therefore it works both ways as creativity without means wouldn’t get you very far.

Finally because Philips is a big manufactures of lights, mainly very clean energy, recyclable and durable brands just by doing it’s business it is fighting a lot against the climate change. Because the worlds reserves are depleted i think it is very creative that they fight to save the world in the long run by developing products that will help us through the next couple of centuries.



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